Sedgefield Surface Dressing

Resurface a road with Tar & Chip in Sedgefield TS21

Tarmacadams Surfacing Ltd specialises in road surface dressing for the Sedgefield area, also known as 'Tar & Chip'. Using tar and chipping is a great way to resurface a road as it has a much more natural look than asphalt, meaning it integrates better into natural surroundings.

Tar & chip surface dressing is quite popular for large scale Sedgefield commercial use, but is also suitable for private roads, farm tracks and paths.

How is Tar & Chip Surface Dressing Applied?

First, the Sedgefield road to be surfaced to be dressed has to be prepared, so things like pot holes, cracks and road edge breakup need repairs. We also have to protect any drains or inspection covers that may be in the existing road.

Once the surface is prepared, an application of hot bitumen is laid on the surface. The road surface is then layered with stone chippings that are rolled on the bitumen to create a water-resistant layer.

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Why use Tar & Chip for Surface Dressing in Sedgefield?

Road surface dressing is now a long established road maintenance technique for repairing Sedgefield private roads, domestic and commercial roads, as it provides the following benefits:

  • Provides a weatherproof seal to the surface of the footpath or carriageway
  • Enhances skid resistance of the surface by creating texture and depth
  • Avoids water ingress causing damage to the underlying foundations
  • Enhances the surface appearance using naturally-coloured aggregates

Why Choose Us For Tar & Chipping Dressing in Sedgefield TS21?

As leading surface dressing providers in Sedgefield, we have an extensive portfolio of road improvement work throughout the region. Our standards of workmanship are always high and our rates are extremely competitive.

We cover every aspect of the tar & chip surfacing project, from initial groundworks and preparation, to final surfacing.

We consult with you closely and offer advice throughout the project, to ensure you are in control of all key decisions, and that you get the results you desire.

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FAQs for Surface Dressing


What is the difference between surface dressing and resurfacing?

Surface dressing involves treating Sedgefield roads which are in relatively good condition with preventative maintenance treatments to maintain their good condition. Resurfacing is a more extensive structural maintenance treatment which involves removing up to 300mm of a worn out road surface and replacing it with new material

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