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At Tarmacadams Surfacing Ltd, along with our work on driveways, car parks and roads, we are specialists in surfacing and resurfacing, construction and repair of private and commercial footpaths and private roads. Our previous clients include local authorities, private contractors and householders.

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We are a team of experts that are always dedicated to providing the best workship. From the foundation to the final presentation of your pathway, we aim for perfection every time. Prior to any work begins, we will visit your premises to conduct a thorough survey, this allows us to assess the space and identify any key problems.

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All of our pathways are constructed to meet your needs, whilst being strong, beautiful and durable for many years to come. We can conduct constructions or resurfacing with tarmac or gravel, quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption, We work extremely hard to maintain our reputation for high-quality, honest and local workmanship.


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Quality Footpaths & Farm Roads surfacing in Durham

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Here at Tarmacadams Surfacing Ltd, we also offer a range of commercial surfacing, tarmacadam and asphalt services to customers throughout the UK.

We cover everything from driveways to full car parks and much more. We regularly work with local authorities and businesses.

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