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Over time, private roads such as carparks and footpaths wear out. The cracks appear on the surface dressing, which means the roads should be fixed by a surfacing professional. This way, the road becomes stronger and safer for pedestrians and drivers to use. Surface dressing involves the application of a coating of hot bitumen on the surface.

It is then layered with stone chippings that are rolled on the bitumen to create a water-resistant layer. Road surface dressing is now a long established road maintenance technique for repairing private roads, domestic and commercial roads as it provides the following benefits:

  • A waterproof seal to the surface of the footpath or carriageway
  • Enhances skid resistance of the surface by creating texture and depth
  • Avoid the penetration of water and damage to the underlying foundations
  • Enhances the appearance of the footpath or carriageway using its naturally-coloured aggregates
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This service extends to farm roads and foothpaths in country estates. While owning vast pieces of estate is admirable, it is important to create footpaths to make the properties accessible. Tarmacadams Surfacing LTD applies tarmac and tar overlays to roads that have deteriorated over the years.

The surface dressing professionals at Tarmacadams Surfacing LTD then dress the surfaces to ensure the materials set on the road. We use asphalt and tarmac in Newcastle as they are hard-wearing.

Also, we use apply tarmac on muddy footpaths through out foot path surfacing service. You just need to get in touch with one of our local Newcastle surface dressing experts to find out all your options.

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Here at Tarmacadams Ltd, we offer a range of commercial surfacing, resurfacing and Tar & Chip services to customers throughout Newcastle, the North East and all surrounding areas. We cover everything from driveways to full car parks and much more. We regularly work with local authorities and businesses in and around Newcastle.