Houghton-le-Spring Tar & Chip

Looking for Tar & Chip Road Surfacing in Houghton-le-Spring?

We provide Tar & Chipping on Roads in Houghton-le-Spring and surrounding areas

Tarmacadams Surfacing LTD specialises in Surface Dressing, also known as Tar & Chipping.

The road to be surfaced to be dressed has to be prepared, so things like pot holes, cracks and road edge breakup have to be repaired. We also have to protect any drains or inspection covers that maybe in the existing road.

Why use Tar & Chip for Houghton-le-Spring road surfaces?

Using tar and chip is a great way to do up, or redo a road surface. It has a much more natural look than asphalt which can integrate better into more natural surroundings.

Tarmacadams Surfacing LTD can use this method for small jobs (such as small driveways and paths) or as more often is the case tar and chip is used for large scale use (private roads, farm tracks and road surfacing). We also provide a variety of different colours and sizes of the stone chips to give you the overall look you require.

tar and chipping Houghton-le-Spring

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Here at Tarmacadams Ltd, we offer a range of commercial surfacing, tarmacadam and Tar & Chip services to customers throughout Houghton-le-Spring, the North East and all surrounding areas. We cover everything from driveways to full car parks and much more. We regularly work with local authorities and businesses in and around Houghton-le-Spring.